Frequently asked questions and answers

Q - Are you a full time department?

A – No we are a paid on call department that consists of volunteers and a paramedic that is on shift.


Q – Can anyone join Cornbelt if they want to volunteer?

A – Anyone that lives in the Cornbelt district that is above the age of eighteen can join the fire department with no felony convictions.


Q – What sort of commitment is required to join the fire department?

A – Once a member completes probation they are required to attend two meetings a month, one for training and the other is a business meeting. We are a volunteer department so when you are available to run call we ask that you do so to better serve our community. We generally require one night a month of on call.


Q – How many calls does Cornbelt run?

A – Currently we are averaging about 100 calls per month.


Q – How long is probation?

A – Probation is completed over the course of one year, meeting every Monday throughout that year.


Q – Do I have to become an EMT?

A – No we do not require the EMT level, but part of probation teaches the EMR (Emergency Medical Responder) curriculum.


Q – Is previous experience in the fire service required?

A – No experience is required to join Cornbelt Fire. We will train all probationary firefighters along the fire basic curriculum.


Q – Is there a testing process to join Cornbelt fire?

A – The process starts with an application reviewed by the membership committee. Once the requirements are reached, the candidate will come watch a training session to determine they want to continue on the process. If they do they will sit through an interview with the committee and chief officers. There will be a physical capacity test that has to be passed and a background check that has to be passed.

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