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Mission Statement

We, the membership of the Cornbelt Fire Protection District, serve, protect and educate while providing fire, rescue, and emergency medical services where and when duty may call.

Organizational Values

Integrity: We consistently strive to do what is right
Dedication: We go above and beyond in all our efforts
Loyalty: We have a faithful trust in one another
Respect: We treat all with compassion, dignity and fairness
Leadership: We prevent and solve problems
Pride: Serving the community and one another is our privilege



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and Special Meeting
Cornbelt Fire Protection District

Notice is hereby given that a Public Hearing and Special Meeting will be held at 5:55 PM, June 21, 2023 at Cornbelt Fire Station, 506 E. Main, Mahomet, IL, in the meeting room, as to the Budget and Appropriation Ordinance for the Cornbelt Fire Protection District for the fiscal year commencing May 1, 2023 and ending on April 30, 2024. Copies of the Tentative Budget and Appropriation Ordinance are available for public inspection at the fire Station, during regular business hours and on our website.

Tentative Budget and Appropriation Ordinance
















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